Family Auchenipteridae – The Driftwood Catfishes

The first group we wish to share are the Auchenipteridae or the driftwood catfishes. These catfish are now gaining in popularity and rightfully so! Woodcatfish or woodcats for short, have many interesting habits such as feeding and special anatomy that no other catfish to date share. They typically feed throughout the tank especially at the surface. They will cruise around almost like torpedoes! Woodcats are  also one of just a few catfish families known to practice internal fertilization. With their many color patterns, these fish have a lot to offer.

Many of the species AmazonTropics carries remain 4″ or less. This means you may keep them in small aquariums of 10-30 gallons. Your source water should not be too hard and soft water used for breeding. Outfit the aquarium with a sponge filter or hang on the back filter. Use a small heater to keep temperatures around 74-78 F. Decorate the tank with a thin layer of sand, river rock and driftwood.  Be sure to provide areas for these fish to hide as they are nocturnal. Lighting only needs to be secondary with subdued light. For their diet, feed woodcats foods like brine shrimp, bloodworms, water fleas, flakes and pellets.

Balroglanis schultzi – Schultz’s Woodcat

Distribution – Rio Xingu and Rio Tocantins, Brazil

Maximum Length – 4 1/2″ TL

Duringlanis altae – Lightning Strike Woodcat

Distribution – Rio Caqueta, Colombia

Maximum Length – 2 1/2″ TL

Duringlanis perugiae – Oil or Honeycomb Woodcat

Distribution – Rio Nanay region, Peru

Maximum Length – 2 1/2″ TL

Duringlanis romani – Speckled  Woodcat

Distribution – Rio Meta, Colombia

Maximum Length – 2″ TL

Tatia gyrina – Tiger Woodcat

Distribution – NE Peru, Amazon Basin

Maximum Length – 2 1/2″ TL

Tatia sp. “Puerto Rico”  – Puerto Rico Woodcat

Distribution – Rio Caqueta, Colombia

Maximum Length – 4″ TL

Tatia reticulata – Reticulated Woodcat

Distribution – NE Peru

Maximum Length – 2 1/2″ TL

Tatia strigata – Pinstripe Woodcat

Distribution – Rio Negro, Brazil

Maximum Length – 2 1/2″ TL