Availability List

Shipping Update:

At this time, we are unable to offer shipping. The best way to purchase our fish is to meet up at a fish event or to arrange for porch pickup.

Local Pickup:

Porch pickup in the Columbus, OH is an option at this time. Please contact us with any questions you may have at: jeremybasch@gmail.com.

Wood Catfish Species Available Common Name Size Price
Duringlanis altae F-1 Likely U.S. First! Lightning Woodcat 1 1/2″+ 4/$200
Duringlanis perugiae F-1 Oil Woodcat 1 1/2″+ 6/$60
Duringlanis romani F-1 U.S. First? Speckled Woodcat 1″+ 4/$100
Tatia strigata F-2 Pinstripe Woodcat 1 1/2″+ 5/$200
Pleco Catfish Species Available Common Name Size Price
Ancistrus claro F-1 Gold Marble Bushynose 1″+ 6/$60
Ancistrus hoplogenys L-59 Wild Orange Spot Ancistrus 2 1/2″ $40 each Trio
Ancistrus sp. Snowflake F-2 Snowflake Ancistrus 2″+ $25 each
Ancistrus sp. Rio Meta Wild Rio Meta Ancistrus 2 1/2″+ $20 each
Ancistrus sp. Rio Caqueta Wild Yellow Spotted Ancistrus 2 1/2″ $30 One Avail.
Aphanotorulus sp. “Rio Meta” Wild Thresher Pleco 3″ $25 each
Hypancistrus zebra F-2 Zebra Pleco 1 1/2″+ NFS
Hypancistrus sp. “L-333” Porto de Moz F-2 Yellow King Tiger Pleco 1 1/2″+ $25 each
Lasiancistrus sp. “Rio Magdalena” Wild Spotted Lasiancistrus 3″ $20 each
Panaqolus sp. “L-397” F-1 Alenquer Tiger Pleco 2″ $30 ea. 8/$200
Peckoltia sp. “L-076” F-1 Nice U.S. First? Orange Seam Pleco 1 1/2″ $25 ea. 5/$100
Invertebrates Common Name Size Price
Neocaridinia davidi Blue Dream Shrimp 3/4″+ 12+/$40
Neocaridinia davidi Yellow Shrimp 3/4″+ 12+/$40
Neocaridinia davidi Red Shrimp 3/4″+ 12+/$40
Live Foods Common Name Size Price
Panagrellus nepenthicola Banana Worms Starter $5
Turbatrix aceti Vinegar Eels Starter $5