Availability List

Updated March 2023


At this time, we are unable to offer shipping. The best way to purchase our fish is to meet up at a fish event or to arrange for porch pickup.

Local Pickup:

Fish will be available at the upcoming CAFE Swap. It is best to pre purchase as we will not be able to bring all that we have. Porch pickup in the Columbus, OH is an option at this time. Please contact us with any questions you may have at: jeremybasch@gmail.com.

Wood Catfish Species Available Common Name Size Price
Duringlanis altae F-1 *Rare, from Type Locality* Lightning Woodcat 1 1/2″+ Spring, Fry Now
Trachyopterus fisheri Wild Fisher’s Woodcat 4″ 5/$60
Pleco Catfish Species Available Common Name Size Price
Ancistrus sp. “Rio Mecedes” Wild and F-1s Rio Mecedes Bushynose 2-3″ Sold
Ancistrus sp. “Honeycomb” Honeycomb Bushynose 3″+ Sold
Ancistrus sp. “Gold Star” F-1s Org. from Ian Fuller Gold Star Bushynose “Rare” 2-3″ Sold
Hypancistrus zebra F-2 Zebra Pleco, L46 1″+ None At This Time
Hypancistrus sp. “L-136” F-1s Spotted Hypancistrus 3″+ Sold
Hypancistrus sp. L-333 Porto de Moz F-2 Few Yellow King Tiger Pleco 1 1/2″+ $25 each
Panaqolus sp. “L-425” Wild “Rare” L-425 3″+ Sold
Other Catfish Species Available Common Name Size Price
Acanthodoras sp. 2 “Rare” Spiny Catfish 3″+ $40 each
Corydoras granti Wild Grant’s Cory 2″ $40/group of 6
Platydoras armatulus Presale Raphael Catfish 4-5″ $10 each
Livebearers Common Name Size Price
Micropoecilia wingei “Rio Morichal” Venezuelan Endler 3/4″+ $10/pr.
Invertebrates Common Name Size Price
Anentome helena Assassin Snails 3/4″+ 12/$10
Neocaridinia davidi Bloody Mary Shrimp 3/4″+ Sold Out
Neocaridinia davidi Blue Dream Shrimp 3/4″+ Sold Out
Live Foods Common Name Size Price
Panagrellus nepenthicola Banana Worms Starter $5
Tropical Plants Common Name Size Price
Monstera deliciosa Swiss Cheese Plant 6-8″ $5
Philodendron subhastatum Terrarium Plant Philodendron 4-6″ $20
Merchandise Size Price
Aquaclear 70 8″x6″ $20
Plain 5 Gallon Aquarium 16.5″x9″ Sold
Painted and Drilled 5 Gallon Aquarium w/ Glass Top 16.5″x9″ $10