Availability List

Updated May 2024

Next events for pickup include:

CAFE Swap in Columbus, OH

OCA June Meeting in Cleveland, OH

ACA Convention in Cincinnati, OH


At this time, we are unable to offer shipping. The best way to purchase our fish is to meet up at a fish event or to make other arrangements. Please contact us with any questions you may have at: jeremybasch@gmail.com.

Cichlid Species Available Common Name Size Price
Apistogramma cacatuoides F1 Cockatoo Apisto 3/4″+ $8 ea. 8/$40
Symphysodon sp. Red Alenquer Red Alenquer Discus 2 1/2″ $50 each
Catfish Species Available Common Name Size Price
Corydoras sterbai F1 Sterba’s Cory 1″+ 4/$60
Corydoras sp. “Orange Laser” F1 Orange Laser Cory 1″+ 4/$80
Hypancistrus zebra F2 True Zebra Pleco 1 1/2″ $125 each
Hypancistrus sp. “L-333” Porto de Moz F-2 Few Yellow King Tiger Pleco 1 1/2″+ $30 ea. 4/$100
Hypancistrus sp. “L411” F3 Monte Dourado Pleco 1 1/2″+ $30 ea. 4/$100
Livebearers Common Name Size Price
Micropoecilia wingei “Rio Morichal” Venezuelan Endler 3/4″+ Sold
Invertebrates Common Name Size Price
Anentome helena Assassin Snails 3/4″+ 12/$10
Live Foods Common Name Size Price
Panagrellus nepenthicola Banana Worm Starter Culture Starter $5
Daphnia moina/magna Dapnia Starter Culture Starter $10
Coming Soon
Apistogramma agassizii F1 Yellow and blue forms Agassiz’s Apisto 3/4″+
Apistogramma wilhelmi F1 Wilhelm’s Apisto 3/4″+
Apistogamma sp. “D37” F1 New Alacarina Type Apisto 3/4″+
Apistogamma sp. “D39” F1 Will mouthbrood! New Brevis Type Apisto 3/4″+
Sym. aequifasciatus Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira F1 True F1 Discus 2 1/2″
Corydoras trilineatus F1 Three Stripe Cory 1″+
Corydoras sp. “CW107” Rio Cudaryi, Colombia F1 CW107 1″+