Fish Profiles

Welcome to our Species Profile page. The idea behind this page is to share information on various fish species. This section will be a work in progress and ever evolving. Click on the links below to learn more!

Family Auchenipteridae – The Driftwood Catfishes

Over the years, we have become extremely interested in Auchenipteridae, the driftwood catfishes. So much so that nearly half of our tanks house these wonderful species. Click the link above for more details!

Male Liosomadorus oncinus, Jaguar Catfish

 Family Cichlidae – Cichlids

Stay tuned as we share our experiences with this iconic group of fish. Our eventual goal is to be able to offer high quality first generation discus. We feel that there is a huge gap in the market in regards to captive raised discus that maintain the natural beauty of the species.

Coming Soon – Family Loricariidae – Suckermouth Armored Catfishes

This group is special to us as our first catfish to have reproduce in our aquaria was Hypancistrus zebra. This is now back over 20 years ago when pleco species were uncommonly spawned in captivity. Fast forward to now where we know so much more about not only plecos but other interesting species from this group of catfish.

Wild Zebra Pleco