Useful Links

Below are some of our favorite websites. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Social Media Websites

Amazon Tropics Facebook Page – Love Our Content? See More Here

Amazon Tropics YouTube Channel – Our Video Content Channel

Colombia Travels –  Our Colombian Guide’s Instagram Page

Auchenipteridae Facebook Page – Facebook Page on Driftwood Catfish

Catfishes of the World – Steven Grant’s Catfish Facebook Page

Below Water – Oliver Lucanus YouTube Page Sharing Fish in the Wild

Project Piaba – Conservation YouTube Page of the Fish of the Rio Negro

Biotopia – YouTube Videos on Biotopes of South American and Beyond

Leandro Sousa – Leandro’s YouTube Channel on the Fish of the Rio Xingu

Bekateen’s Fishroom – Eric Thomas’ Social Media Page on Breeding Rare Catfish including Corydoras spp., Microglanis spp. and Amblydoras sp.

AquaNetTV – YouTube Channel Sharing Fish in their Natural Habitat

Aquarium Glaser – German Import Company’s YouTube Channel

Cichlids In the Wild – Great Channel on Underwater Films of Cichlids

Congo Nature Photography – Channel on African Biotopes

Summer Raine Oakes – YouTube Channel on Plant Care

Catfish Websites

PlanetCatfish – Perhaps the best catfish website


Loricariidae Info

All Catfish Species Inventory

Corydoras World – Leading website on Corydoradinae

International L-Number Days

The Catfish Den – Website for an up and coming aquarist doing great things with Auchenipteridae!

Cichlid Websites

Apisto Sites – Perhaps the leading website on Apistogramma

The Cichlid Room Companion – Overall best website on cichlids

Simply Discus – Excellent Website on Discus

Further Websites on South America

Amazon Waters – Learn more about the Amazon

Below Water – We share in Oliver’s passion

It Rains Fishes – Best website on South American Killifish

National and International Aquarium Organizations

American Cichlid Association

American Killifish Association

American Livebearer Association

Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs

Catfish Study Group

Catfish Cataclysm – U.S. National Catfish Convention

French Cichlid Association

Midwest Aquarium Organizations

Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts – Our hometown fish club!

Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society – Home of the late great Phil Benes and family

Ohio Cichlid Association – Home of the Extravaganza every November

Northwest Ohio Aquarium Society

Greater Akron Aquarium Society – Home of the All Aqua Show every June

Medina County Aquarium Society

Northeast Ohio Fish Club

Stark County Aqua Life Enthusiasts Society

Lorain County Aquarium Society

Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society

Circle City Aquarium Club

Missouri Aquarium Society

Greater Chicago Cichlid Association

Minnesota Aquarium Society

Heart of America Aquarium Society of Kansas City

Northeast Aquarium Organizations

Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies

Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society

Erie Aquarium Society

Tropical Fish Club of Erie County

New England Cichlid Association

British Cichlid Association

Southern Aquarium Organizations

Atlanta Area Aquarium Association

Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers

Raleigh Aquarium Society

Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society

Additional Fish Websites

Aquabid – Website for Bidding on Available Fish and Fish Related Products

Fish Base – Website for Great Information on Fish

Seriously Fish – Website for Great Information on Fish

Swiss Tropicals – Great Website for Your Filtration and Fish Food Needs Run by Our Friend, Dr. Stephan Tanner

Amazonas Magazine – Leading Freshwater Fish Magazine – The Best Website Any Breeding Supplies for Catfish, Cichlids, etc.

International Community Barbs Tetras Loaches Catfish

Nation Wide Aquatics – Importer of new and rare species of fish

Wet Spot Tropical Fish

Plant Websites

Aquatic Gardeners Association

Florida Aquatic Nurseries

Additional Resources

Research Gate – Website that houses scientific papers

Academy of Natural Sciences

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council – Pet Advocacy Network

National Museum of Natural Resources – Division of Fishes