Where Has the Time Gone?

It has been over a month since our last post! Hard to believe but we have been busy with various fish events. A big thank you to the Raleigh Aquarium Society for hosting us during their workshop (RAS Workshop). It was a great event and we met a lot of new aquarists!

We regularly receive requests for species such as Hypancistrus zebra, the Zebra Pleco. Right now we are trying to build up our brood stocks so that we can regularly offer juvenile fish. It is going to take some time but we are getting there. Right now we have around 50 zebra pleco juveniles with more on the way. Our goal is to have a minimum of 100 zebra plecos before we start offering juveniles once again.

We are also trying to do this with other species such as Hisonotus aky, the Emerald Green Dwarf Cat, Tatia strigata, the Pinstripe Woodcat and Centromochlus schultzi, Schultz’s Woodcat. However with any fish species, it takes time, patience and dedication. It takes daily feedings, many water changes, a trained eye and observances of the fry and juveniles. You need to know the fish and their needs to be successful. And just because you think you know what is best for your fry, there may be a better way. Mother Nature can be cruel and not ever spawning ends with success.

With that said, give us time, we will get there. We may have some additional news to share in the future so stay tuned. For now, I would like to share an updated photo of our Centromochlus schultzi. Take care and please enjoy your fish!