Welcome Fall

Fall is in the air and temperatures have quickly fallen in the last few weeks here in the Midwest. The local club recently had their auction. Hopefully everyone enjoyed our involvement with the New and Rare portion of the auction. There happened to be a bunch of neat plecos including Leporacanthicus joselimai, Hypancistrus sp. “L401”. H. sp. “L501”, Peckoltia sp. “L076”,  Panaqolus sp. “L397” and Ancistrus claro. A special thanks to our friend Todd Welch for providing these excellent fish!

Along those lines, we will be sharing a room with Todd at the upcoming OCA Extravaganza. This is perhaps the largest freshwater event in the nation with speakers, vendors, a showroom and aquarists from all over selling rare fish from their hotel room. Todd and I plan to have some amazing fish available for this event so be sure to check our room out while you are there. Please come visit with us November 16th-19th in Strongsville, OH.