CSG Bound

Well it is almost spring, and we have not had a chance to post in recent months. The fishroom has kept us quite busy with baby fish and normal maintenance. We are currently working more with Apistogramma and Corydoras but fear not as we plan to keep plugging away at other groups of fish soon. Additionally, Jeremy has taken on the president duties of the local fish club once more. Add to that a day job now working on some project work and you can see why we have been unable to post very much.

If that was not enough, we are also hard at work on our presentation for the Catfish Study Group’s annual convention. This is a meeting of the great catfish minds that takes place every year in the United Kingdom. We are truly honored to be going this year after having to cancel last year due to illness. It should be a jam-packed weekend with lots of talk on all things catfish. We cannot wait to meet everyone and talk about the fish we love so much! We hope to see everyone in England for this great event. If you happen to see us, please be sure to stop over and say hello! For now, here is sneak peek on the presentation we are working on.