Summer Time

Summer time is full of fun and sun. We are currently spending some much needed time with family after the passing of an immediate family member. We thank those that have reached out to us to provide their support. It is very much appreciated during this difficult time. As everything, we must press on.

There is good news in the fishroom. Many more of our fish are starting to spawn and we should have many species available going into the fall. Some of the notable species include: Centromochlus perugiae F-1, Hypancistrus sp. “L411” F-2, Micracanthicus (Hypancistrus) vandragti F-1, Tatia gyrina F-1 and Tatia strigata F-3. On the horizon, a few species are close to spawning. These species include: “Centromochlus” schultzi F-1, Corydoras sp. “CW107”, Glanidium (Tatia) sp. “Marble” F-1, Hypancistrus sp. “L136” and Scleromystax sp. “CW147”. Fingers crossed that these species are successful!

In other news, our fishroom is expanding. We are in need of more aquariums and in large quantities. The plan is to add ten 20 gallon aquariums in the next few weeks. Eventually, the goal is to add twenty more grow out aquariums. This will allow us the room for the fry that are currently coming up.

For those wanting a chance to hear about our trips to Colombia, you will get another chance. We will be guest speaking at the October Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts meeting. Join us for some fun as we travel to Captivating Colombia!  CAFE October Meeting Link

Live Fish Food – Red Russian Daphnia
New 20H Aquariums
Micracanthicus (Hypancistrus) vandragti F-1