Life Comes At You Fast

We would first like to start by thanking Mike and Ben of the Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts (CAFE). They have been doing a tremendous job with getting our local fish club back in gear after COVID. We know that they have been working tirelessly to come up with some great events for the club and we know they will continue to look for ways to keep things fishy and fun! Check out our upcoming events including an auction with some rare fish.

Now we typically keep things on our big fish related but sadly we should adresss Jeremy’s current state. Unfortunately Jeremy has some kidney stones that cannot be passed. He has been dealing with this condition for about a month as it is impossible to receive help from the health care system in a more timely manner in its current state. It’s truly a sad state of affairs. There is some good news however in that we met with a knowledgeable urologist who will be performing a procedure on Jeremy this coming week to remove the stones.

From there, the stones, which by then will have been pulverized into a sand like consistency will be analyzed for chemical makeup. Our current thoughts are that the stones are a result of a difficult abdominal surgery he had a few years ago causing his body to not be able to process calcium. Long story short, please keep Jeremy in your thoughts this coming Thursday. The recovery time for the procedure is only a few days so he should be back to fish keeping in no time!

Our thoughts will be with those at the Catfish Study Group (CSG) this week as well. Jeremy had to pull out of this convention. Until Jeremy is back on his feet, please enjoy the latest video of the discus. A link to YouTube is provided here: