It has been quite some time since we have had an update. Life does happen and certainly the most important things are spending time with loved ones. Obviously the world has changed drastically since our last post with COVID19. At present, it makes it impossible to ship as we are high risk. Please follow the guidelines that are being provided and stay safe!

Some of you have asked about shipping recently. Long story short, it really is not a viable option for us due to our work schedule along with the stay at home order. If you are local, we can however offer porch pick up. See our Fish Availability page for more details.

The best news recently is that our Peckoltia compta “Rio Jamanxim” spawned! This is the first spawn of Peckoltia for us and we could not be more excited! This genus has been a tough one for us to crack but with a lot of patience, the fish finally got it right.

Peckoltia compta F-1 fry