Fall Convention and Auction Season

It is almost here! Are you ready? That is right, fall convention and auction season is upon us. It is a time to get together with friends from around the fish hobby to catch up on life and all things fish related. In particular, we are looking forward to Cataclysm. If you are into catfish, this event is a must! There will be great speakers, catfish and a fun time. Check out the Cataclysm website for more details: https://catfish-cataclysm.com/

Below is an availability list for Cataclysm. All fish are first come, first serve. These are for pre-sale only. While we may bring fish with us, we cannot guarantee this due to our work schedule. Please contact us via email if interested: jeremybasch@gmail.com. Take advantage of the free shipping!

Catfish Species Available Common Name Size Price
Centromochlus perugiae F-1 Oil Woodcat 1″+ 6/$60
Corydoras duplicareus F-1 Duplicate Cory 1″+ 6/$60
Corydoras panda F-2 Panda  Cory 1″ 4/$20
Corydoras sp. “CW49” F-2 Diamond Cory 3/4-1″ 6/$100
Hypancistrus zebra F-2 Zebra Pleco 1 1/2″+ $150 ea. 4/$560
Hypancistrus sp. “L-333” Porto de Moz F-2 Yellow King Tiger Pleco 1 1/4″+ 4/$100
Hypancistrus sp. “L-345” F-2 Silver Prince Pleco 1 1/4″+ 4/$120
Hypancistrus sp. “L-411”  F-2 Monte Dourado Pleco 1 1/4″+ 4/$100
Micracanthicus (Hypancistrus) vandragti F-1 L-280 Nano Pleco 1″ 5/$200
Tatia gyrina F-1 Tiger Woodcat 1″ 5/$100
Invertebrates Common Name Size Price
Asolene spixi Spixi Snail 1″+ shell 4/$10
Neocaridinia davidi Blue Dream Shrimp 3/4″+ 12+/$40
Live Foods Common Name Size Price
Daphnia sp. Red Russian Daphnia Water Fleas Starter $5
Panagrellus nepenthicola Banana Worms Starter $5
Turbatrix aceti Vinegar Eels Starter $5

Also on the horizon is our local auction, the Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts (CAFE) Fall Auction. Our chairman, Paul Wingert, is doing a great job promoting the event on Facebook. Just scroll through all of the auction entries and you see some pretty incredibly rare fish species! Here is a link to the CAFE Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/columbusfishclub/ For all of the auction rules, please visit CAFE’s website at:  http://www.columbusfishclub.org/

Beyond convention and auction season, it looks like we will be heading back to Colombia sooner, rather than later. Things are still coming together for the trip so we cannot share too much just yet. We can share that our objective is to go to the Rio Magdalena and the upper reaches of the Rio Caqueta.

A target species for this trip will be Centromochlus altae. Thankfully due to a few trips previously by other groups, we have confirmation that the species is in the Rio Caqueta region from where it was described. Fingers crossed we can bring this gorgeous species and others back alive!

Photo by Hernando Gil of Centromochlus altae