Hello Summer!

Summer certainly has come on with full force. Daily temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s hit us here in the midwest in early June. It sure seems that those temperatures are here to stay too.

With the warmer temperatures come longer days and longer days can bring on more activity in the fishroom. It seems that our hard work with raising additional brood stock is paying off. Last week we discovered a very young male zebra pleco with fry. The male measures approximately two and half inches and was guarding at least two juveniles. Since then we have discovered one additional juvenile in the aquarium. The tank is a sixty-five gallon aquarium kept around 80-82F and is outfitted with a large sponge filter. Additionally, we found another male in another aquarium with a female inside his cave. Fingers crossed that these and our other groups are soon successful.

Please note that we are still working towards having enough breeding stock of zebra plecos (Hypancistrus zebra) so we have larger numbers of juvenile fish available. Until we reach that point, we are unable to offer this species on our availability list. Please stay tuned for more updates!

Wild Male Zebra Pleco