More Jaguar Eggs

After a few years, our Jagaur Catfish,  Liosomadorus oncinus, have once again spawned. Interestingly, the first clutch of eggs numbered around 1,000 and almost all were infertile. Then a week later, another clutch of roughly 400 eggs were laid. Out of these, half appeared to be fertile. Several hours later, we had separated the good eggs from the bad. Another interesting observation was that the eggs were in various stages of development. Some eggs appeared to have fully formed juveniles that were about to hatch while other eggs were still just yolks.

At the time of writing this update, all eggs have hatched and the fry have started feeding. One last observation is that the fry have very long barbels already. One can assume this is to make finding food much easier. Fingers crossed that we are able to raise these and make them available to other aquarists.

Liosomadoras oncinus male