Happy Thanksgiving

AmazonTropics.com is wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is enjoying their time with family, friends and of course, fish! We have a special video for you today, a fish unboxing! A special thank you goes out to Bob Townsend for his gift to us.  Looking forward to all of the special events in 2019!

2018 Ohio Cichlid Association Extravaganza

It is that time of year, yes the holidays are upon us. But first, there is one last show, the Ohio Cichlid Association (OCA) Extravaganza. This year marks the 24th year of this event and as always, it is bound to be a big one!

There are tons of great speakers, a swap, several auctions and perhaps the big part, many aquarists selling fish from their hotel rooms. If you want to see super rare cichlids, catfish and other species, this is an event not to be missed! Already, several aquarists have posted their fish availability and it looks like this year might be one of the best yet.  For all of the details, visit the OCA website at: OCA Extravaganza.  Below is our availability list. Pre-sales are encouraged as many fish are limited in number. To make your purchase, please contact us at: jeremybasch@gmail.com. See you there!

Catfish Species Available Common Name Size Price
Centromochlus perugiae F-1 Honeycomb Woodcat 1 1/2″ 4/$80
Corydoras duplicareus F-1 Duplicate Cory 1″+ 6/$60
Corydoras panda  F-2 Panda Cory 1″+ 4/$20
Hypancistrus zebra F-2 Zebra Pleco 1 1/2″+ $150 ea. 5/$700
Hypancistrus sp. “L-333” Porto de Moz F-2 Yellow King Tiger 1″+ 4/$100
Hypancistrus sp. “L-345” F-2 (Small) Silver Prince Pleco 1″+ 4/$100
Tatia strigata F-2 (Extremely Rare!) Pinstripe Woodcat 1″+ 5/$400
Invertebrates Common Name Size Price
Asolene spixi Spixi Snail 1″+ shell 6/$10
Neocaridinia davidi Blue Dream Shrimp 3/4″+ 12/$20
Neocaridinia davidi Red Cherry Shrimp 3/4″+ 12/$10
Live Foods Common Name Size Price
Panagrellus nepenthicola Banana Worms Starter $5
Turbatrix aceti Vinegar Eels Starter $5