Ohio Cichlids Association Extravaganza 2022 Recap

It has been a few months since our last post. We attended the Ohio Cichlid Association (OCA) Extravaganza in Strongsville, OH in November. This event is held every year the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. This year’s show brought in our good friend Luiz Tencatt from Brazil along with Rob McLure from Wisconsin.

Luiz gave two lectures on Callichthyidae (Aspidoras and Corydoras spp.). The talks shared the latest in the world of Corydoras and their allies along with the huge revision of Callichthyidae. More details in regards to this will emerge in time. Right now we are not at liberty to say but will share as soon as we can likely on our Facebook group page. These are exciting times we live in, a renaissance no doubt with the number of not only fish species but with the number of organisms being described almost on a daily basis. Many of the new species are endemic to certain areas in South America. We cannot wait to see what is discovered next!

The biggest news at the OCA Extravaganza has to be the honor bestowed upon our friend Rob McLure who will soon have a fish named after him. Rob has helped Luiz in so many ways and has helped bridge our hobby with science. Corydoras sp. “CW016” also known as the Lieutenant Cory, shall be named in his honor. As a fellow fish enthusiast, this is the ultimate honor as long after we are gone, this species will always be scientifically known under his name. Congratulations Rob! We also have to give a big thank you to the OCA and crew for another great show!

Luiz starting his talk on Corydoras
First slide of Luiz’s Aspidoras talk
Luiz discussing the various Aspidoras spp.