We apologize for not updating our website last weekend. We ended up prepping some things for the move and visiting with family. We will work to update the website as soon as possible.

Ageniosus lineatus male getting into breeding dress as its dorsal spine starts to curve. The dorsal is used to hold the female during spawning.

Update Coming Soon

It has been a few months since our last update. We are happy to report that Jeremy has fully recovered from his kidney stone issues. Now we can focus on the big move coming late July, early August. That’s right, Amazon Tropics is moving! And with that, we plan to release a large inventory of fish to our Fish Availability list.

This inventory are fish we have been holding for breeding stock. Unfortunately, many of our breeding projects had to be put on hold or abandoned all together mostly based lack of available time. There is only so much time in the day as they say! With that we will be releasing a special availability list of fish this coming weekend. Please keep in mind that the fish will be available for pick up only, no exceptions. We can make arrangements to meet if and when time allows.