Corydoras sp. CW107

As we draw closer to our next trip to Colombia, it is not a idea to reflect back on this year’s trip. While the weather conditions were not ideal, it was still like being in paradise! We are a little over 3 months away from our next trip. To hold us off, we are going back through some of our photos and videos. Posted below is a video from our 2nd day of collecting in which we found Corydoras sp. CW107. It is a lovely Cory with golden-orange on the front end and a black stripe through the eye and back end of the fish. Check it out!

Thank You Louisville and LTFF!

A big thanks to the Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers (LTFF)! We truly had a wonderful time in Louisville checking out some of the local restaurants, bars and club member’s fishrooms. A special thanks goes out to Bill Merkley, Tim Stone, Rusty Wessel and Sandy Carson for sharing their fishrooms. An even bigger thank you to Bill for hosting us during our stay. Hope everyone enjoyed the fish we brought, bidding was very spirited!