Shipping Dates

Thank you everyone for your patience in regards to shipping. Unfortunately, we have been very busy and unable to ship. We are now looking at starting to ship on certain dates of the year. We have a regular job that does not really allow the time to ship fish at the moment. Once we lock in some dates, we will let you guys now.

Obviously being so busy means we have not been able to update our website as much as we had hoped. This will change but it will take time. So please stay patient as the gears slowly move along.

On a side note, we had a few photos published in the latest Amazonas! This marks the third publication of this great magazine that we have been in. Below are the two photos that were published. And while things are very sad in Venezuela right, we hope that things settle in time like they have in Colombia. One thing is for sure, the area is very beautiful! Be sure to pick up your copy today!