Aphyosemion cognatum “Congo CI 2011” Wild Male

From: AmazonTropics.blogspot.com

Dated: Monday, March 18th, 2013

Here is a view of our Aphyosemion cognatum Commercial Import from the Congo in 2011. My fish were acquired through Jeff Michels of AquaticClarity.com and seem to produce eggs when temperatures reach 74-76 F. These are setup as a group in a 5 gallon where they produce between 3-4 eggs per day. It is an interesting species and we were lucky enough to capture this image last year.


Introduction from: AmazonTropics.blogspot.com

Dated: Friday, February 15th, 2013

Welcome to my new blog. My intention here is to provide updates on the fishroom and an availability list. Some may remember my former website, AmazonCichlids.com. After a few years I realized that AmazonCichlids.com was a little misleading and I decided to no longer keep the site. Between job changes and the moving of my fishroom there had been very little time to even think about having another website. My eventual goal is to get a new website up but until then I figure a blog will be a great start. Of course with any new piece of software it will take some time to learn all of the various features. More to come!