The End is Approaching…

The end of the year is quickly approaching! Are you ready for 2019? We are doing our best to prepare. We have a lot going on at the moment. One, we are working on expanding our fishroom. Two, we are expanding our fishroom prior to our return trip to Colombia. We will be visiting Puerto Carreno next year in the Llanos. It will likely be hot and dry, perfect for collecting! Three, we are building our website out to include a shopping cart. For the first time in years, we will offer shipping on our fish.

Please keep in mind that all of this is going to take a lot of time and effort. We still are working full time at our day job so this will not be very easy. You may have noticed our Facebook page, Amazon Tropics, has had a lot of updates recently. We are trying to share information on South American fish we find relevant. We hope you have enjoyed this feature.

At the same time, we have been taking a bunch of photos of fish we will have available next year. The photos will be used not only for the shopping cart but also for sharing information on each species. All of this is being done to give you a special touch that you simply cannot get anywhere else.  So stay tuned, we have a lot of good things coming in 2019!

Hypancistrus sp. “L-345” F-1 Male
We will get photos of the male soon
Hypancistrus sp. “L411” F-1 Female
Ancistrus sp. “Honeycomb” Male
Micracanthicus vandragti Wild Male, Full grown at ONLY 2″! The Nano Pleco
Micracanthicus vandragti Wild Female, Full grown at ONLY 1 1/2″! The Nano Pleco
Tatia gyrina Wild Male
Corydoras duplicareus Wild Female
Corydoras sp. “CW49” F-1 Male