Busy in the Fishroom

Over the last several months we have been busy in the fishroom. We are working on moving fish around for more grow out space along with tanks for our pairs of discus. So far, we are at around ten 20H gallon aquariums that are ready for fry. The end goal will be twenty aquariums in total. This number may grow however as our needs change.

Our fish have also been busy. Our Apistogramma¬†continue to produce offspring. Several notable species have started to reproduce including Apistogramma sp. “Abacaxis”, A. sp. “D37” and A. sp. “D39”. Other classic and iconic species also have fry, A. cacatuoides and A. agassizii. Most exciting might be that we now have a proven pair of discus, Symphysodon sp. from Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira. We have shared previous photos of each parent fish. More details about our discus can be found here: http://www.amazontropics.com/cichlidae/

Other updates include we are quite busy with the local fish club attempting to revive some of the fun activities of old. We have a rather full calendar and hope you can join us for some of these events. The next event we will be at will be the CAFE Swap next Saturday, May 11th. But we have other fun events planned including a club fishing trip and a fishroom crawl.

After this event, we will be the guest speaking at the OCA Extravaganza in June. We are filling in and helping as Lew Carbone assisted us with auctioneering duties last fall. If you happen to be in the area, please be sure to stop by. Details for this event can be found at the following link: Ohio Cichlid Association. Lastly, we will be guest speaking at the pillar of the aquarium hobby conventions at the American Cichlid Association convention in Cincinnati, OH. I highly encourage everyone to attend this event especially if you are within driving distance. This is one of the premier events in the country with guest speakers from all over. Our goal is also to bring some new and unusual species along for ride down to Cinci. Hope we see you there!

***Please note that the talk in Cleveland for OCA will not be the same talk that we present in Cincinnati for ACA.***

With all of the fish breeding, our fish availability should be very interesting in the coming months. Keep checking back for updates. For now, our fish availability list is up to date.

Last, we leave you with news that we now have juveniles from our Corydoras sp. “CW107”! We collected this species in the Rio Cudaryi, a tributary of the Rio Vaupes near Mitu, Colombia. We think you will like this lovely colored female, enjoy!