Cataclysm Is In 100 Days!

Are you ready? Ready for Cataclysm that is! We are just over 100 days until this amazing event. What could be better than fish and friends? will be on hand and presenting not just one talk but two! One talk will share some of the species of catfish we have collected in Colombia while the other talk will try to sort some of the complex groups of catfish known as woodcats.

The event also will host various vendors, a Saturday cookout, raffles and a rare catfish auction. And to celebrate, we are sharing tonight that available in the rare catfish auction will be four first generation Liosomadoras oncinus, the Jaguar Catfish. First generation meaning that the parents were from the wild. This is likely the first time tank raised specimens have been made available ever! Check out the photos below along with this video Be sure to register for this event today at:

F-1 Liosomadoras oncisnus Juvenile
Adult Liosomdoras oncinus male