Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to all! We are truly happy to enter into a new year. 2021 was much of the same as 2020. Unfortunately 2021 ended with us contracting covid. We ended up having to cancel our trip to the OCA Extravaganza. For those that preordered fish, we are truly sorry as it was out of our control. We hope everyone that could attend enjoyed their time and were safe while at the event.

2022 however does offer hope and opportunity. First up is the Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts (CAFE) Swap. This is the first event in our home town in quite a while. We hope to see everyone at this event especially those that we missed last fall at the OCA Extravaganza. Details for the event can be found on the new CAFE website: https://www.columbusfishclub.org. See everyone there!

Not a whole lot of news coming out of the fishroom currently. We have numerous spawns from all the normal species. Probably the neatest species to spawn recently are our Corydoras sp. “CW49” or Diamond Cory as they are commonly known as. This species supposedly hails from a tributary of the Rio Vaupes. The Rio Vaupes is a blackwater river. We visited the area in 2018 and the water was soft and acidic. As a result, we have found that this species requires those conditions for their eggs to develop in captivity. They have been a slight challenge but we are now obtaining regular spawns. Fingers crossed that we will be able to offer this species soon.

Corydoras sp. “CW049”