Our Worst Year

We will sum things up in that life is short and live your life to the fullest! This has been by far the most difficult year for my family and I. It first started with the loss of one of our brother’s in June. And now in October, the loss of our father. Both were very sudden and my family and I are still trying to navigate the waters. It will take time to get through these losses but we will keep pressing on. We would like to thank of those that have reached out to us in recent months. The aquarium hobby is more than just about the fish, it is also about the people. We thank everyone for that!

There is one last major fish event to attend this year and that is the Ohio Cichlid Association (OCA) Extravaganza. This will be their 25th anniversary! We can say we have been going for 18 years ourselves. It is a great event with around 400 cichlid and catfish enthusiasts. It is one of the largest freshwater gatherings in the country and just a ton of fun. https://www.ohiocichlid.com/extravaganza/registration

We plan to sell some fish so stay tuned! There will be a limited number of some fish and it will be first come, first serve. We will have some of the usual species and a few new species to offer. Looking forward to seeing everyone at this great event!

Around the corner is our trip back to Colombia. This will be our 3rd trip to Colombia. This time we will be in the Andes in the major tributaries of the Rio Magdalena and the Rio Caqueta. While these areas have been explored, there are still many new species to be discovered and many species that simply are not in the hobby. We are truly looking forward to this trip as a welcomed distraction to everything that has happened this year.

More to come!

Cano Verde