Have You Checked Out Our YouTube Channel Yet?

Have you checked out our YouTube Channel yet? We have been adding content to our channel and are looking to share our knowledge with you. With over twenty-five years of experience, we want to pass on our knowledge to other avid aquarists and the next generation.

A lot of how we keep our fish is not difficult to replicate but what sets us apart is our passion. Our tanks are set up sparsely often with sand, driftwood, river rock, oak leaves, a sponge filter, heater and light. We feed our fish nothing but the best foods including frozen, live and prepared foods. Water changes are typically one to two times per week especially for juvenile fish.

Our YouTube Channel will showcase a lot of our successes and how we maintain our fish. We want you to be successful with the fish you purchase from us. As they say, if you want to be the best, learn from the best. Stay tuned and check out our YouTube Channel at:  AmazonTropics.com YouTube Channel!