Midweek Update

We provided an update last week on our fishroom. We are well on our way with providing some new and interesting fish. All of which I should mention are tank raised! We take high quality stock and provide the best conditions possible in the hopes that our fish will spawn in our aquaria. So far, we have had a lot of success however we still want more!

For now, we want to make the most of what is regularly spawning for us including: Wild Hisonotus aky, F-1 Hypancistrus zebra, F-1 Hypancistrus sp. “L-345”, F-1 Hypancistrus sp. “L-333”, Wild Tatia intermedia, F-1 Tatia strigata, Wild Centromochlus perugiae, Wild Centromochlus schultzi, Wild Corydoras duplicareus and F-1 Corydoras panda. We do have other species reproducing but catfish are the current focus. We are still working with other species like killifish and lampeyes. And the Geos spawn from time to time. Eventually we will spread our fish out even more in the hopes of being able to offer even more tank bread species. We will share more about these other species in the near future.

Recently we have acquired some new fish. We will share these with you in time but for now they are growing and being conditioned. Some of these species may take a few years to reach maturity to spawn but this hobby is a thing of patience. Enjoy this update!