Collecting Ancistrus sp. “Upper Rio Negro”

So excited to start sharing video with you guys on our trip to Colombia. We had an incredible time and found some potentially new species. While Ancistrus sp. “Upper Rio Negro” has been imported previously, it was only ever imported to Europe.  The photo of this fish hardly does it justice as compared to the fish we caught.  Perhaps the fish we collected is a better color morph or perhaps the species exhibits better coloration in the wild? We will just have to find out as it swims now in our home aquaria.

Check out the video below and watch how the species was collected. Just check out that flow! Thousands of gallons of water just going by every minute. And this water was dark with tannins just like some of the other rivers we visited during our trip. I wish we could have spent more time here. Who knows what other treasures there are to behold? Check out the photo of Ancistrus sp. “Upper Rio Negro”, what I am calling, the Royal Bushynose  Pleco.

Ancistrus sp. “Upper Rio Negro”