The Perfect Dip Net

I am switching up things and taking a step aside to discuss some basics. I want to share some of the supplies that I took with me to Colombia. The list is long and includes items like battery operated air pumps, GPS tracking devices, a water proof camera and the list goes on and on. However, the most important item I took was my dip net.

Now you may think that any old fishing net will do for collecting but have you considered the conditions?  Just think about it for a minute, you are in the middle of the jungle, what are you likely to encounter? In rivers, there are often  sticks, branches, leaves, rocks and unfortunately materials discarded from humans such as bottles, cans and perhaps the worst, plastic that could damage or destroy your net. With that in mind, would you jeopardize your entire collecting trip with a net that may tear or break? I do not think so!

So let me recommend a net to you that will hold up and go the distance on those long ox bow rivers. A net that will reward you with some prized fish while you are out in the middle of the jungle. And that net is the perfect dip net from Jonah’s Aquarium.

These nets are hand crafted with the best of care. They collapse for easy storage. They have a deep net so even those crazy jumping Rivulus sp. will not escape. And the best feature is the strong handle to hoop connection. Nets that you buy in the stores do not have this design and simply will not last. So the next time you are planning to go collecting, get the net that will help you