Dates for Colombia 2019 are Set!

The dates for Colombia 2019 are set. We are super excited to be going back. The plan is to head to Puerto Carreno in northeast Colombia along the Venezuela border. There are many fish that come from this region, in particular, Loricariidae. Such notable species include: Peckoltia sp. “L-103”, Panaqulos sp. “L-104”, Hemiancistrus sp. “L-128”, Hypancistrus debilittera L-129, Leporacanthicus sp. “L-326” and a whole bunch of other species that are not regularly imported!

A lot of planning will go into this trip. There is a long list of things to do before we go such as buying gear, buying a new camera (our old water proof camera is now 8 years old!) and preparing new aquariums for new and interesting species. We are also trying to spot a few places to visit in hopes of finding new fish. If you have never been to South America to collect fish, we highly recommend it. It is a beautiful and magical place with so much to offer. But there is still a long wait until we leave.  Until then, please enjoy a video from this year’s trip.