Zebra Pleco Update

Ask and you shall receive! A few of you have asked and we hope we delivered with our recent video on our zebra plecos, Hypancistrus zebra. While we know the video quality could use improving, it still shares a lot of useful information. The tanks themselves are 20 highs outfitted with sponge filters and heaters. The tank decorations are fairly simple and consist of oak leaves, pleco caves and sand.

Weekly water changes of 50% are provided with a mix of half R/O  and tap water. Due to the size of the juvenile plecos, we will need to start twice weekly water changes. Foods for our baby zebras include banana worms, crushed Tetra flake food and New Life Spectrum.

Overall, zebra plecos are not too difficult to raise as long as extremes are avoided. They do require constant food, great water quality and careful observation. Hope everyone enjoys the video!